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Tailwater Float Trips

Float the South Holston and Watauga Rivers

Full Day Float Trips:

$500 for one person – $550 for two.


3/4 Day Float Trips:

$450 for one or two anglers


Half Day Float Trips:

$400 for one or two anglers


All gear, flies, and transportation are included on our tailwater trips.

Lunch is also provided on Full Day Trips

Fishing licenses and gratuities are not included in the trip. Obtain a TN fishing license online here.

Local Wade Trips

Explore the hundreds of miles of public rivers within an hour of our shop.

Full Day Local Wade

$450 for one $475 for two anglers


3/4 Day Local Wade

$400 for one or two anglers


Half Day Local Wade

$250 for one person – $300 for two


For our local wade options we offer all the gear and flies necessary for the trip, as well as transportation.

Lunch is also provided on all our full day wades.

Fishing licenses are not included in the trip. Obtain a NC fishing license online here.

Private Wade Trips

Half Day Private Wade – $275 per person.

We provide all the gear and flies necessary for the trip, as well as transportation.

We do not offer full day wade options on private trips.

Fishing licenses are not included in the trip. Obtain a NC fishing license online here.

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Submit your information, including the dates you prefer for your trip. We will take a look and confirm your booking right away.

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Cancellations & Refunds

Boone’s Fly Shop requests a non-refundable, 50% deposit to book a trip. The full value is non-refundable within 7 days of scheduled trip date. We fish rain or shine, unless the weather is deemed unsafe by the guide. In the event of dangerous weather we will reschedule for a future date. If you have any questions please give us a call at (828) 865-FISH (3474) or email us at [email protected]

Looks like fun, right?

Preparing for your trip

This is your trip:

If there is anything in particular you’re interested in seeing or learning, our staff and guides are here for you. You are hiring us to provide a safe, fun, and rewarding fly fishing experience.

We don’t guarantee that you’ll catch a certain number of fish, because after all, this is still fishing. What we do guarantee is that you will be given the highest quality service on the river, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in one of the most rewarding and fun ways possible.

All our staff are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid response. If you have any health concerns or dietary restrictions, please share them when booking your trip. Our guides are trained to know when a situation in the outdoors is no longer safe. If they feel they are unable to provide a safe trip because of missing information concerning your health, they may end the trip early.

What to wear:

Most importantly we require every guest to wear sunglasses whenever flies are in the water.

Boone is a part of a temperate rainforest. That means we expect and plan for rain when enjoying the outdoors. It’s part of what makes this area special and capable of holding trout. With that said, a rain jacket is one of the most useful garments you can bring with you on a trip, and we suggest it regardless of the forecast.

In the Spring and Fall months we have big swings in temps from low 40s into the mid 70s by mid-day. We always suggest you follow the weather that’s coming and plan accordingly. Wearing layers that can be shed as the day progresses will allow you to focus on the fishing.

Summer temps will range from mid 70s to the occasional low 90s. We suggest light breathable clothes that allows you to stay cool.

Winter can be one of the most rewarding seasons to fish for trout. Wearing the appropriate clothes can be all that stands between you and catching fish while never seeing another soul on the river.

A few other items that we suggest you bring along are a hat, sunscreen, and any adult beverages you’d like. We just ask that you partake responsibly while fishing with us.

Your guide will have bottled water and light snacks available for you in their truck.

What your guide expects from you:

All we ask from our guests is to come with the items suggested earlier, a willingness to listen and learn from your guide, and an appetite for a good time.

Direct communication with your guide will begin the evening before your trip. This is the perfect time to share your interests in what you want out of your trip. One caveat is that not all techniques or areas are best used on some trips or at certain experience levels. We are always happy to talk through the options on a trip, but we hope that you will trust your guide when they make suggestions.

Again, this is your trip, so just allow us to keep you safe and you can ask your guide to show you any aspect of this wonderful sport.

We have more in-depth videos that we hope you’ll check out if you’re interested in learning more about specific casts, fishing techniques, and practices. These will all help you get the most out of your trip and allow you to find the style that best suits you.

All our trips are catch and release. Our guides hold the highest standards of fish handling etiquette and environmental responsibility. You will often see our guides grabbing trash at the boat ramp or as you wade up the river and we expect all our guests to treat our staff, the fish, and environment with respect.

Tipping is greatly appreciated in our industry. We are often asked what the appropriate range is. We tell folks that it’s like eating at a nice restaurant. 20% is typical, and if your guide exceeded expectations, anything more is greatly appreciated.

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